A literary café “made in Taormina” at Casa Cuseni
A literary café “made in Taormina” at Casa Cuseni

The 11th June has been an important date for Casa Cuseni: the house has inaugurated a literary café, confirming through this new important initiative the role of Casa Cuseni as Museum of Taormina. On the 26th May Casa Cuseni has joined the prestigious network of Grandi Giardini Italiani, dedicated to all the people keen on nature, and on the 4th June has been awarded the “Protectors of Beauty” prize dedicated to Khaled Al Asaad.

An initiative for students. Casa Cuseni becomes an open space where will be possible studying, examining in depth the collections, or simply socializing; this is an area conceived for the countless students attending the villa during school trips and appreciated by the foreign tourists in the town, interested in Sicilian history, art, food and wine traditions.

A special literary café. In the literary café you will find only books written by Casa Cuseni “friends” – and here it is the news of the literary café: texts by Moncef Ben Moussa, Director of the Bardo National Museum in Tunisi, by Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egyptian Antiquities and Director of the archaeological site for Giza pyramid, works by the famous Tobias Natter, one of the most well-known art historians in the world, “I ragazzi di Wilhelm Von Gloeden” (“Wilhelm Von Gloeden’s boys”), a literary encyclopedia by the professor Mario Bolognari introduced right at Casa Cuseni; then David Leawitt, David Grossman, Luis Sepulveda, Ildefonso Falcones and many other writers.

A literary café “made in Taormina”, with books, essays and documents, written by the intellectuals who have left a mark of their stay sharing their ideas with Casa Cuseni. Now all these files donated to the house library have been moved to this new space, in such a cozy atmosphere where the scent of coffee and printed paper can mix with fine wine and with high technologies usage, in a corner created on purpose right here, between the library shells, with internet access and media players for all the guests and students analyzing the museum and botanical collections. A great moment to be spent for ourselves, to enjoy the garden or to read a good book outside of the chaotic madness of Taormina urban center.

[Author: Giusy Briguglio / English: Clelia Caltabiano]

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